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You may not have the ability to commit at the moment to the full HAPPY IN 90® program.  Perhaps you're unclear what the future holds over the next few months, or perhaps you would like to boost your happiness level now, and immerse yourself in continuing at a later date.  30 days is a great beginning.  During this time, you will examine some of the fundamental elements of happiness and, perhaps, understand life in a brand new, refreshing, and empowering way.  You have probably sensed that your attitude and choices affect your experiences, but knowing this information without the tools to harness your choices for your benefit is not very helpful.  The 30-day start to HAPPY IN 90®  will give you those tools.  You will discover techniques to improve your intuition, methods to become comfortable with your own identity, as well as ways to grow your self-love (the foundation for all happiness).  Further, you will explore how life itself works and and how to use that knowledge to empower you.  Within just 30 days, you will re-ignite the soulfulness you were born with that has somewhat slipped away throughout life's hardships.

FOCUS:  Intuition, self-love, confidence, identity, influences, choosing success, understanding life.


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