30 days provides a great ignition on the path to increased happiness, however, 60 days will help you to elevate your passion to greater levels. 

Can you imagine waking up each day feeling excited about what lies ahead?


Elevate Your Passion - Accelerate in 60 Days!

The first 30 days of HAPPY IN 90® will fundamentally allow you to improve your knowledge of life and your power within it.  During the next 30 days, you will elevate your passion while continuing to learn techniques to rid yourself of obstacles, pain, and challenges. 

You will learn doable techniques to experience freedom from negative thinking, thus harnessing your thought energy to allow you to be in the driver's seat of this most important resource.   Further, you will heighten your relationship with your senses, a perhaps undervalued avenue to igniting one's passion.

You will also discover the power you have to improve your healthfulness.  The information regarding your relationship with your body has the power to permanently shift your perception about illness, food choices, fitness, and the effects of fear.  Lastly, packed into this 30-day segment, you will reexamine your relationship with the material world, money, income, bills, career, and physical abundance. 

FOCUS:  Power of thoughts, negativity, body harmony, intuitive eating, exercise, sleep rhythm, senses, passion, money, career, abundance.


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