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Which program (HAPPY IN 30, HAPPY IN 60, or HAPPY IN 90™) is right for you?

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How much does HAPPY IN 90™ cost?

What happens if I miss some days while taking the course?

If I register for HAPPY IN 30 or HAPPY IN 60, can I upgrade to HAPPY IN 60 or HAPPY IN 90™?

What do I do if I want to review a lesson from earlier in the program?

How do I change my password?

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Missing a Day:

Life is full of surprises and there may occasions when you are unable to complete the days assignment. We have embedded a buffer of time into the program to allow you to pick up where you left off. However, one of the intentions of the daily activities is to break old non-productive habits and replace them with new supportive habits. If you frequently miss a day, you will be less likely to gain the full benefit of the program. For you sake, we encourage you to stick as close to the ONE-A-DAY pattern as you can. 



Upgrade to the Next Level:

If you begin with our 30 or 60-day version of HAPPY IN 90™, you will be give opportunities to upgrade to the next level.  In addition, you are welcome to CONTACT US if you choose to upgrade at any other time.



Reviewing a Lesson from Earlier in the Program:

When you are given specific materials, forms, or documents which are beneficial to refer to at a future date, you are given PDFs to download and keep. In addition, in order support your maximum ability to integrate the material from HAPPY IN 90™, we also allow you to go back into previous dates' content for review.  Your tuition will enable you to enjoy the life-improving content to the best of your commitment and desire.



Logging In / Passwords

When you register, you will be emailed a password.  You may keep that password for future log-ins or opt to change your password at any time.  To change your password, you must be logged in.  Then simply click CHANGE PASSWORD at the bottom right-hand navigation bar.