Ignite Your Soul - Launch in 30 Days!

You may not have the ability to commit at the moment to the full HAPPY IN 90® program.  Perhaps you're unclear what the future holds over the next few months, or perhaps you would like to boost your happiness level now, and immerse yourself in continuing at a later date.  30 days is a great beginning.  During this time, you will examine some of the fundamental elements of happiness and, perhaps, understand life in a brand new, refreshing, and empowering way.  You have probably sensed that your attitude and choices affect your experiences, but knowing this information without the tools to harness your choices for your benefit is not very helpful.  The 30-day start to HAPPY IN 90® will give you those tools.  You will discover techniques to improve your intuition, methods to become comfortable with your own identity, as well as ways to grow your self-love (the foundation for all happiness).  Further, you will explore how life itself works and and how to use that knowledge to empower you.  Within just 30 days, you will re-ignite the soulfulness you were born with that has somewhat slipped away throughout life's hardships.

FOCUS:  Intuition, self-love, confidence, identity, influences, choosing success, knowing guides, understanding life.


Elevate Your Passion - Accelerate in 60 Days!

The first 30 days of HAPPY IN 90® will fundamentally allow you to improve your knowledge of life and your power within it.  During the next 30 days, you will elevate your passion while continuing to learn techniques to rid yourself of obstacles, pain, and challenges. 

You will learn doable techniques to experience freedom from negative thinking, thus harnessing your thought energy to allow you to be in the driver's seat of this most important resource.   Further, you will heighten your relationship with your senses, a perhaps undervalued avenue to igniting one's passion. You will also discover the power you have to improve your healthfulness.  The information regarding your relationship with your body has the power to permanently shift your perception about illness, food choices, fitness, and the effects of fear.  Lastly, packed into this 30-day segment, you will reexamine your relationship with the material world, money, income, bills, career, and physical abundance. 

FOCUS:  Power of thoughts, negativity, body harmony, intuitive eating, exercise, sleep rhythm, senses, passion, money, career, abundance.


Awaken to Infinite Happiness - Soar in 90 Days!

After 60 powerful days into HAPPY IN 90®, it's hard to imagine that there are still vast, unexplored avenues toward increasing your happiness. Your awakenings will rapidly expand during the last 30-day segment as you reevaluate and improve your relationship with others, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, romantic partners, and day-to-day connections.  The tools you will learn will enhance a lifetime ability to create mutually beneficial relationships in every area of your life.

You will also expand as you delve into profound new understandings of your past, your present, and your future. You will re-imagine the past to reach peace, learn the 5 steps toward making today's energy meaningful for happiness today as well as for tomorrow, and understand how to manifest what you want for the future.  Energetically, the past, present, and future all roll into one great big reflection of inner happiness, and you will learn how to make that reflection a beautiful, complete, captivating, joyful one.

FOCUS:  Family, romance, peace, blame, regret, criticism, past, present, future, manifestation, your place in the world, soul's intention.


Improve Your Journey & Transform Your life - Happy in 90 Days!

90 days is a great beginning to change unhappy habits into life-improving patterns.  The vast number of tools, exercises, and tools that you use during the whole program have the ability to set you on a course of happiness for life.  Helpful materials are available throughout as downloads for you to use and refer to long after completion of the program. 

Everything you have achieved to date was learned and took practice.  Likewise, happiness can be achieved with the right information, focus, techniques, and practice.  You CAN become happier than you are today, and you deserve all the wonderfulness life has to offer.  It's never to late to start, and you're never too set in your ways to improve. 

In addition to the extensive material you receive during HAPPY IN 90®, we have also created a supplementary coaching program if you would like that one-on-one personal touch to guide you through removing your obstacles, replacing non-productive habits, and igniting the best of yourself.  To find your HAPPY IN 90® certified coach, please click here

FOCUS:  Happiness, comprehension, peace, bliss, self-discovery, awakening, becoming intuitive, loving life, creating what you want, your purpose, living life to the fullest.









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