Happy in 90®   

 - begin whenever you choose

 - 90 days filled with daily activities and perspectives

 - increased happiness GUARANTEED  


Complete the course and its activities and

you will become happier.


Happy in 90 is designed to be an easy-to-navigate online course which will allow you to become happier.  The course is divided into three segments, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.  While each segment brings you tools, information, ideas, exercises, and strategies for vastly improving the quality of your life, the full 90 days will, of course, best enrich your journey.  

The content of this course is carefully culled from a decade of Karen Garvey's books, seminars, client successes, and her personal integration of the material.  Every idea, perspective, technique, and exercise included has been successfully implemented by real life people with real life concerns.  Further, the array of topics covers just about every area of life in which major or minor improvements will lead to greater happiness. 

Happy in 90 covers your relationship with yourself, with your body, with others, and with the material world.  You will explore your identity, your soul's intention, your relationship with the non-physical universe, as well as explore and improve practical day-to-day experiences.  Matters of career, money, self-love, health, and romantic relationships are examined.  You will uncover ways to improve all your relationships with others, from enhancing your casual spontaneous interactions, through creating mutually beneficial relationships with your boss, parents, neighbors, staff, children, and friends, etc.

The program is set up as twelve thematic modules.  Each module is about a week long and begins with a video to set the tone.  On subsequent days, you will be asked to read an essay, practice an exercise, try out a new technique, or re-imagine an old idea.

Approximately five out of seven days will require a little extra effort on your part, by either performing the task requested, becoming consciously aware of your approach in a particular area, or simply to contemplate your habits and perspectives.  During these days, some activities may seem relatively simple for you, and others may take extra time and emotion.  You will get out of Happy in 90® what you put into it.  This program is not like a course you take for a grade.  You have nothing to prove to anyone by immersing yourself wholly into the activities.  The measure of your effort will be realized through the inevitable growth in your increasing happiness.

You will also have access to optional coaching to guide you in achieving the full integration of the program.  In addition to being certified in Happy in 90,® each one has been trained in the concepts and application of IMAGINISM,TM an evolutionary approach to harmony and interconnectness with people and the planet.  IMAGINISMTM refers to the ability to combine heart, mind, & soul with one's imagination to create an expanded life.  These additional tools and resources give a power boost to your success.

Becoming a happier person is possible.  Believe it is possible, follow the daily activities in Happy in 90™ and you will achieve joy you may have only imagined.  For details about which program is right for you today Happy in 30, Happy in 60, or Happy in 90, please read more.


Welcome to happiness as you have never known it!