I found the course very rewarding and it reinforced and solidified my continuing spiritual journey of tuning in and listening more to my intuition to guide my everyday decisions and dealing with life’s challenges.   My leadership abilities have definitely improved ... and I have elevated this to the next level where I am now able to balance the increasing demands.  I am able to look at things in a positive way and feel that I am aligned with the universe more.

M.B., EVP Banking, Saddle River, NJ


If you're 100% satisfied with all aspects of your life, then Karen Garvey may not be for you.... But, if you're seeking to exponentially increase the beneficial impact you can have on yourself, your family, your business and the world around you to create a happier, more abundant and more fulfilling existence, then look no further.  Karen's unique gifts are rare, astounding and life altering.

G.N. - Marketing Director, Music Industry, New York

Wow!  I'm in awe and amazed.  I cannot thank you enough for mentoring me and sharing your knowledge.

A.L. - Owner, Fitness Center, Personal Trainer

Happy in 90 puts Karen's wisdom in an organized way where you immerse yourself for 90 days to reach all your goals and dreams.  I laugh louder, I dance better, I now have a job that matches who I am, my relationships are wonderful, I choose who I play with, and my finances are more abundant.  I am magnetizing in more of what I want in life.  I absolutely love what I am creating!  I considered myself to be a happy person, and I am even happier!   This program alters your reality, provided that you participate in YOUR life, and take the assignment actions!  Enjoy creating a life you love.

Sue Farbizio, - Executive Assistant, NY