Happy in 90® is packed with information that can transform your life.  Dedication and commitment to the material has the ability to bring you an unsurpassed ability to feel joy, comprehension, and happiness.  However, you may feel that you still want an extra boost, one that the personal touch can bring.  Happy in 90® Certified Coaches are trained in all aspects of this revolutionary program to directly help you master the material.  And they have personally achieved sustainable happiness as a result of the content of Happy in 90®.

In addition to the coaches' certification in , each one has also been trained in the concepts and application of IMAGINISM,TM an evolutionary approach to harmony and interconnectness with people and the planet.  IMAGINISMTM refers to the ability to combine heart, mind, & soul with one's imagination to create an expanded life.

We offer three levels of coaching, as well as a variety of coaches from which to choose. First select the level of coaching you feel suits your needs, and then read details about our Certified Happy Coaches to select the right one for whichever program you choose.  Your sessions will be scheduled at your selected intervals to enhance the discoveries you make during your 30, 60, or 90 day Happy in 90® experience.  A little personal assistance goes a long way toward helping you make the most of the course and implementing its benefits.


A Closer Look at Coaching Programs

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3 Thirty-Minute Sessions

3 One-Hour Sessions 8 One-Hour Sessions 12 One-Hour Sessions
Use your half-hour sessions with our happiness experts to answer questions about how to implement the value of HAPPY in 90™ into the specifics of your day-to-day life.  Our experts will steer you towards specific information to boost your experience with HAPPY in 90™.  Happy Coaches are trained to focus on the topics that  you, as an individual, will benefit from delving into more deeply.
 8 coaching sessions offers you an opportunity to receive supplementary tools and suggestions to bring you to a state of mastery that exceeds your solo ability.
 12 sessions are designed to parallel the 90-day program. You will enjoy one-on-one guidance through each intensive module, enhancing your integration and absorption of the material
Ignite Your Soul
Awaken to Infinite Happiness
Accelerate Your Discoveries 
Soar Beyond Belief


 A Closer Look at Happy Coaches


Jarrett Alexander

Lillian Carroll
Kim Kondla
Gaye Nicholson

Jarrett Alexander is a multifaceted artist, shape-shifting through acting, singing, dancing, writing, and martial arts, as well as spiritual teaching and energy work. But above all, ...

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Lillian’s work with Karen over the years has provided her with the life changing tools, insights and perspectives needed to live a life of balance, abundance, and happiness. She discovered that connecting to ...

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As an adolescent, Kim had a medical emergency.  Witnessing her consciousness separate from her physical body allowed her to recall that we are eternal beings having a human experience.  As an adult, participating in Karen’s programs deepened ...

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"Now more than ever we need to find our collective and personal happy place. What perfect timing for happy in 90! We now have a place at our fingertips filled with powerful exercises that help us navigate through these times ..."

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Jarrett Alexander

Jarrett Alexander is a multifaceted artist, shape-shifting through acting, singing, dancing, writing, and martial arts, as well as spiritual teaching and energy work. But above all, he uses the world as a stage to perform the art of extraordinary living.

As an only child born in Cleveland, OH, and raised in the DC-suburb of Upper Marlboro, MD, his vivid imagination sprung forth visions of larger than life superheroes. He filled numerous sketchbooks with their depictions, stacks of notebooks with narrations of their mythology, and countless hours with self-starring reenactments of their amazing feats. Jarrett’s creative gifts were rivaled by academic excellence, and he maintained a near-perfect grade point average throughout his school years. He earned a full scholarship to American University in the nation’s capitol, where he became the first person of color to receive the university’s highest undergraduate honor, The President’s Award. He then earned a full ride to NYU for graduate school and spent several years working in nonprofit organizations on behalf of New York City’s low-income communities. He later operated a shelter for homeless families in Washington, DC. But his burning artistic passion never died out during these years and he continued to create. His watercolor portraits revealed a powerful and distinctive style and the precision of his brushwork pushed the boundaries of the medium. In addition, his desire to bring his characters to life in the most powerful manner possible led him to embark on a career as an actor and screenwriter.

Jarrett accomplished several significant feats in the entertainment business, landing roles on such series as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Body of Proof, NYC 22, and starring in several independent films that received acclaim on the festival circuit and aired on HBO, IFC, and BET. He embodied the powerful physique of his superhero characters and was featured in several fitness DVDs. He wrote five feature scripts and was commissioned to adapt a series of novels for the screen.

Jarrett had always been inspired by the Rocky movies, not only the on-screen struggles of the fictional character, but the real-life fortitude displayed by then unknown actor-screenwriter Sylvester Stallone in order to bring his vision to the screen. Jarrett sent a watercolor portrait of Stallone to the star himself, along with a heartfelt letter of gratitude for his inspiration, and was overwhelmed to receive a handwritten reply that stated: “You have brilliant insight into the film world, along with a God-given gift of sensitivity, which, fueled by willpower, surely will catapult you to success in this field.” With the words of his childhood hero ringing in his ears like the opening bell for a championship bout, Jarrett created a resurrection of the Rocky franchise, CREED. Jarrett poured blood, sweat, and tears into an incredible screenplay, and produced and starred in a powerful trailer. But two weeks after he shared his idea with Stallone, Jarrett learned that Stallone was making the film without his involvement, consent, or compensation. On the morning that the news broke, however, before Jarrett had any earthly way of knowing, he was startled from sleep by a spiritual message: “Creed is over. Let it go. It has served its purpose, which was to awaken you to your true identity. Now you can do the work you were put here to do.”

Jarrett has since been living out his true legacy, bringing his dreams to life and empowering others to do the same. He manifested an intention to travel the globe by working with an organization that sends high school students to developing countries for life-changing personal development and community service projects. He is a powerful public speaker and inspiring motivator with a wealth of educational, professional, and life experience that helps him connect with people from all walks of life and from all over the world. And he continues to support his clients in reaching phenomenal breakthroughs and lasting transformations as an intuitive energy worker and facilitator of empowerment modalities such as Higher Brain Living® and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

Jarrett is thrilled to support you on your journey to your best life as a coach with Karen Garvey’s Happy in 90® Program! 

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Lillian Carroll

Lillian’s work with Karen over the years has provided her with the life changing tools, insights and perspectives needed to live a life of balance, abundance and happiness. She discovered that connecting to her intuition and Divine guidance was the missing link to bringing everything she had learned to bear upon her life in a meaningful, positive, and life affirming way.  This knowledge has dramatically increased her ability to experience joy and connect to herself and to others through unconditional love, acceptance, and understanding of our common humanness.

Lillian believes wholeheartedly, and has experienced herself, that every person, no matter what his or her circumstances, has the ability to be authentically and consistently happy.  She is also no stranger to the challenges in life that can feel like obstacles to achieving that happiness.  Having experienced intense anxiety and depression for much of her life, inpatient and outpatient psychoanalysis, and various physical health issues (including extreme insomnia and chronic pain), Lillian has a unique and personal perspective on the many difficult and confusing experiences we face throughout our journey.  In addition, her experiences with divorce, remarriage, parenting and step parenting have given her insight into the distinct and complex dynamics of blended families.  As a result, she is extremely patient, non-judgmental, and compassionate in her approach to helping people navigate through the challenges they face on the way to manifesting genuine and lasting happiness.

She has learned to use creative expression such as collage, crafting, knitting, needlepoint, jewelry making, scrapbooking, coloring, journaling and auto writing as a way to transition from left to right brain processing in order to access intuition and inner peace.  She has come to understand the vital importance of connecting with nature and ones body as part of creating mental, spiritual, and physical health and happiness and especially enjoys hiking in nature and walking at the beach. 

Lillian has a degree in sociology and worked for many years in the financial services industry before deciding to be a stay at home mom.  She is the proud mother of her stepson, twin stepdaughters, and her teenage son. Difficult childhood and adult experiences set her on a path toward self-awareness and awakening that led her to discover the truth of her eternal soul and the genuine happiness that comes from connecting with your highest self and utilizing your intuition.  She is a voracious reader whose quest for knowledge and self-discovery has motivated her exploration of many psychological and spiritual concepts and practices.  In addition to Karen’s programs, books, and articles, Lillian has studied, A Course in Miracles, The Law of Attraction, other channeled work (including the Seth Material, Emmanuel, and others), Dialectical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Intuition development, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, energy healing, nutrition and natural healing treatments, hypnosis, mindfulness, and multiple styles of meditation including Transcendental Meditation.

Lillian is passionate about helping others find abundant happiness through discovering the power and light within themselves, falling in “self love”, and developing the connection to their inner guidance.  She strongly believes that these concepts, along with the tools and exercises presented by Karen throughout the Happy in 90® Program, can inspire and prepare individuals to create their most empowered, free, and HAPPY life. 

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Kim Kondla

As an adolescent, Kim had a medical emergency.  Witnessing her consciousness separate from her physical body allowed her to recall that we are eternal beings having a human experience.  As an adult, participating in Karen’s programs deepened her comprehension of that happening, and helped her to realize that this spiritual perspective has been the foundation for the happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life she has created.

A graduate of Bucknell University, Kim has been a business leader for over 25 years, serving as the Vice President and CFO of a staffing company, the National Director of Field Services for a market research firm, and the Leadership Development Program Manager for an international industrial supplies distributor.  She is also a language Instructor, certifying teachers to help adult students improve their communication skills, so they can more fully participate in society.

Personally, Kim loves to explore the globe.  She has lived in Europe and traveled to 30 countries.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and baking, reading, doing volunteer work, taking nature walks, crafting, and politics.  She values freedom and fun, is actively engaged in her own personal growth, and finds tremendous joy in others achieving their potential and realizing their dreams.

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Gaye Nicholson

Now more than ever we need to find our collective and personal happy place. What perfect timing for Happy in 90™! We now have a place at our fingertips filled with powerful exercises that help us navigate through these times.  This course helps us find and stay on the path to peace and happiness. And, we get to share what we learn with our friends and family. Happiness is contagious!!  I have studied and immersed myself in the basic tenets of the course for over a thousand hours and am so excited to share this finely-tuned version with everyone.

I found myself practicing the exercises with family and loved watching our aha moments emerge together. There is no better feeling!  One of my favorite quotes that has been appearing on social media lately is Karen's "The universal element binding all humans is love.  While religion, geography, politics, or philosophy may divide, love will always be the connector."  Let's awaken together with Happy in 90®!

Growing up in the projects of the Bronx during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s gave me a strong perspective on what it takes to navigate troubling times. The first half of my childhood was a beautiful mix of people from all races living as one. When drugs and violence took over the neighborhood, I saw how fear can dominate and devastate lives. When I think back on the decades I spent in the housing projects, I feel like I took a lot of strength and understanding into my adult years, and consider my Bronx upbringing a true blessing.

After a career in advertising and technology marketing in New York City, Gaye moved to New Jersey with her husband and two children. She continued her marathoning and became certified as a yoga instructor while her kids were in school.  She is also an avid indoor cyclist and loves her meditation practice and taking soul-filling hikes in nature.  Meeting Karen Garvey in 2015 has been life changing for Gaye and she is excited to share all that she has learned about redefining relationships, balancing mind/body harmony, breaking the cycle of negative thinking and discovering self-awareness through Karen's Soul Smart Wisdom™ sessions and seminars.

Gaye has worked for several local, national and international charities while in New Jersey. She recently joined Impact 100 Jersey Coast, a group of women working to raise awareness and collectively funding transformative grants for local charities like their inaugural recipient, 180 Turning Lives Around. Gaye has spent eight years with Change A Life Uganda, helping to establish a water system, build a healthcare center and send young Ugandans to school in the village of Migera. She has also volunteered for the Count Basie Theatre, Ronald McDonald House, and spent several years with Fish With Me, an organization that charters charity boats for local schoolchildren. 


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