Throughout my years of speaking, writing, and coaching, I've had fun expressing the unlimited side of life.  Whenever you need a break from the mundane, the limited, or the morose, please visit this inspirational page.  I'm sure you can find a pick-me-up here.  And we're always adding more ... so come back often. -Karen Garvey


I am an abundance magnet:

Believe in your own ability to create prosperity.  Your beliefs are far more powerful than you may suppose!


Unity starts with you:

I've learned that it's just as easy to find the best within anyone as it is to choose judgment or intolerance.


Can you remember that you are a happy being?laughing

There's so much good in you.



Why not not worry?!?!laughing

Just let it go.



Appreciation feels wonderful!

Let your good feelings well up.



We choose what we focus on.

It's as important to nourish the soul as it is to nourish the body.


Fear is a life-sapper.

Don't let others make you feel afraid of every little thing.



It's great to be you!

Remember that every day.



It all starts when we're little.

Help children live in love.



Relationships that are worthwhile are worth work.

Gotta love love!



What about priorities?

They matter.  Choose wisely.



Signs are all around us.

Sometimes you have to do nothing in order to get unstuck.