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YOU ARE LOVABLE                                                                                                            ONLY LOVE IS REAL
When I first came “out” with my newfound path of attuning to universal knowledge, I was afraid that people would think I was crazy and I was afraid of being judged.  However, the power of the knowledge gained, coupled with the incredible life improvements that I’d experienced, empowered me to make public my new offbeat ability.  It’s now been five years since I first stepped forward and I’ve been reflecting on how the world has since changed.
First, I found more hesitation for others to openly support me back in 2007.  Having an MBA and spending most of my adult life in business, it was interesting to witness how challenging it was for other business people to now bring me in to address their staff.  I discovered quickly that they, too, were afraid to be judged.  They were nervous that they would lose credibility if they demonstrated to their peers that they believed in eternal life, an interconnected universe, nonphysical guidance, universal wisdom, or in my ability to access answers beyond the physical.
I remember one client who loved working with me and wanted to share this profound knowledge with his company.  When he brought me in to address the group, he pretended to have no personal knowledge about what I did.  He left my introduction very open-ended as if he were not personally responsible should I bomb or should no one believe in the content of my presentation.   Afterward, he happily shared in the success of the event by taking full credit for “finding” me.
Second, I found far more people had no idea in 2007 that they create their own reality.  They assumed challenge and chaos were random, hitting anyone at any time with no basis in reason.
Prior to a presentation, I used to have a person or two declare something to the effect of, “No offense, but I don’t believe in what you do.”   Now, nobody tells me that before I begin, but many tell me afterward that they never “believed” before my presentation … but now they do.
Third, people who were living awake (or starting to awaken) were less willing to share their beliefs and spiritual ideas with others than they are today.
Either a lot has changed in five years, or I am magnetizing in profoundly more open-minded audiences than I was when I began.
What do I see today?
Today, those who live asleep without acknowledging or accepting the eternal nature of our journey tend to be increasingly unhappy.   The quicksand of chaos, drama, scarcity, worsening health, and poor relationships becomes a self-perpetuating trap.  Yet, contrarily, those who have begun to take ownership of their roles as the driver of their journey magnetize in valuable information that allows them to peel away mistruths and create happier lives.
As more people get worn out by misery and challenge, they begin to open to new perspectives, some which they defiantly disregarded in the past. 
Further, I am excited to see that spirituality is becoming more openly discussed, overtly and subtly.  Topics are permeating mainstream business and affecting the way the general population perceives their role in their business and their role in the world. 
What do I predict for the future?
I anticipate that the polarization of extremes will continue … the unhappy will become unhappier, and the happy will become happier.  Ultimately, those in despair will turn to those modeling the harmony or successes they want for answers.  Since harmony can only be achieved by intentionally or accidentally connecting with universal wisdom, the disenfranchised will be given eternal wisdom that will help them take the reins in their own journey.
I sense that more people from all walks of life have the courage to admit their intuitive experiences.  Surgeons will openly discuss how they felt guided to proceed contrarily to the lab results, saving the patient’s life.  Millionaires will talk about their gut instincts and how they culled those feelings for success.  Scientists will admit their evidence in connecting to a past loved one.
I see a day when we all understand that our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions create our individual reality and co-create humanity’s reality.  We will all feel personally responsible for our choices and our harmony as well as responsible for the contribution we make to others’.  In the long run (perhaps the very long run unless we accelerate), this awakening will lead to the end of war, poverty, sickness, chaos, and despair.  We will live in a world that is free, optimistic, joy-filled, and prosperous.